Celebrating the launch of Okapi in London

To celebrate the opening of Okapi’s new home in London at 40 Eaton Terrace we held a Summer Party in association with the Elizabeth Street Party.  Guests sprawled out onto the street in front of the store where they enjoyed delicious cocktails from Drake & Morgan’s,The Parlour, wood fired pizza from Luca Buca, champagne popsicles from we are pops and live jazz music from our very own saxophonist.

Vist the new home of Okapi at 40 Eaton Terrace, London SW1W 8TS.





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Okapi Ladies Lunch – Chiltern Firehouse

This week Okapi held a ladies lunch at Chiltern Firehouse in London. As the name suggests the location was once a fire station. Upon arrival guests including Zeze Malee, Lucia Liu and Lucianna Miller enjoyed peach bellinis in the courtyard. From here they took their seats in the intimate private dining room where they were treated to a select viewing of the 2014 collection. Bespoke Okapi candy decorated the table where guests enjoyed an array of seasonal dishes. The complete Okapi collection can be viewed here.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 09.41.43Okapi Ladies Lunch at Chiltern Firehouse

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 09.33.58

Lucia Liu and Hanneli Rupert

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 09.41.33Bespoke Okapi Candy

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 09.34.16Flavia Pfyffer von Altishofen, Hanneli Rupert and Luciana Miller

The Okapi Summer Party – London

Okapi’s  Summer Party to celebrate the 2014 Collection Launch hosted a variety of industry guests. Upon arrival guests were treated to exotic cocktails served in real ostrich eggs imported specially from South Africa for the occasion. Each piece was beautifully displayed in the gallery space which was transformed into an Okapi Summer experience.
gallery_different_120614-1061Suzy Menkes

gallery_different_120614-1123Cassie Snelgar
gallery_different_120614-1098Roksana Ciysek-Gedir


gallery_different_120614-1110Rob Hallot, Eoin O’Grady and Doireann Clabby


gallery_different_120614-1045 gallery_different_120614-1051

gallery_different_120614-1094 gallery_different_120614-1058 gallery_different_120614-1086

 Boots de la rue


The Springbok Cuff and Pouch Launch

To celebrate Cape Town being named Design Capital 2014 Okapi launched a new range of pouches and springbok cuffs.The new range was showcased at the beautiful Merchants on Long store.  An exhibition of the new range took place on the ground floor of the store while upstairs guests were treated to a complete selection of the range. Guests were served watermelon martinis on arrival and once inside canapés did the rounds while a DJ played throughout the evening

Sarah Malherbe, Chania Stenpowski, Tanja Mackay Davidson

Sarah Malherbe, Chania Stenpowski, Tanja Mackay Davidson

IMG_9376 Shop the pouch and cuff here


Guests enjoying the exhibition of the new pouches


Nick Matthews, Katie Coetzee and Margot van Wyk

London Christmas Trunk Show

okapi_launch_191113-1122                                                                                      Caroline Mentasi Grenelli with the Yemaja

okapi_launch_191113-1144                                                                                Bespoke embossing was available on the night

okapi_launch_191113-1134                                                                                               View the full collection here

The launch of Okapi at Luminance

IMG_9453Khanyi Dholmo & Hanneli Rupert with the Yemaja

Mawu The Mawu in black ostrich shin with gunmetal hardware

 Mawu on display at luminance. View the full collection here.

Cape Town Launch Party – Behind the scenes

photo 1-1

Mawu in Antique Saddle Zebra

photo 3

Okapi bags on display in the Merchant on Long Store, Cape Town

photo 2-1

View the full collection here