The Okapi Summer Party – London

Okapi’s  Summer Party to celebrate the 2014 Collection Launch hosted a variety of industry guests. Upon arrival guests were treated to exotic cocktails served in real ostrich eggs imported specially from South Africa for the occasion. Each piece was beautifully displayed in the gallery space which was transformed into an Okapi Summer experience.
gallery_different_120614-1061Suzy Menkes

gallery_different_120614-1123Cassie Snelgar
gallery_different_120614-1098Roksana Ciysek-Gedir


gallery_different_120614-1110Rob Hallot, Eoin O’Grady and Doireann Clabby


gallery_different_120614-1045 gallery_different_120614-1051

gallery_different_120614-1094 gallery_different_120614-1058 gallery_different_120614-1086

 Boots de la rue



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