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Okapi works only with sustainably sourced materials from locally sourced, commonplace livestock such as Ostrich and Blesbok, the leather from which is a by-product of the existing free-range farming industry in South Africa. We endeavour to give further purpose and use to these often disregarded and forgotten materials by creating functional, leather and horn masterpieces. 

By incorporating these materials into our products, Okapi is taking what would be waste in order to create sustainable jobs on the African continent.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure all processes are of the highest safety and quality, along with ethical production practices that respect both animal welfare and the environment.

The uniqueness of our leathers is characterized by the deliberate inclusion of the natural markings that the animals incur in the wild. 

This gives each Okapi piece a more organic and changeable quality, allowing it to grow with its owner in appearance and meaning over time. 

We work with the local communities Read more

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